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Mathematical Logic for Computer Science Lu Zhongwan

Mathematical Logic for Computer Science

Lu Zhongwan

Published August 30th 2014
ISBN : 9781322079080
250 pages
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 About the Book 

This book describes the aspects of mathematical logic related to computer sciences. The materials adopted in this book are intended to attend to both the peculiarities of logical systems and the requirements of computer science.Contents: Prerequisites: SetsInductive Definitions and ProofsNotationsPropositional Logic: Propositions and ConnectivesPropositional LanguageSemanticsTautological ConsequenceFormal DeducibilityDisjunctive and Conjunctive Normal FormsAdequate Sets of ConnectivesFirst-Order Logic: Proposition Functions and QuantifiersFirst-Order LanguageSemanticsLogical ConsequenceFormal DeducibilityPrenex Normal FormFormal Deducibility Another Type: Formal Deducibility of Another TypeRelation between the Two TypesSoundness and Completeness: Satisfiability and ValiditySoundnessCompleteness of Propositional LogicCompleteness of First-Order LogicCompleteness of First-Order Logic with EqualityIndependenceApplications of Soundness and Completeness: CompactnessL_wenheim-Skolems TheoremHerbrands TheoremSome Basic Notions of Model TheoryConstructive Logic: Logic for Constructive ReasoningSemanticsFormal DeducibilitySoundnessCompletenessModal Propositional Logic: Modal Propositional LanguageSemanticsFormal DeducibilitySoundnessCompleteness of TCompleteness of S4, B, S5Modal First-Order Logic: Modal First-Order LanguageSemanticsFormal DeducibilitySoundnessCompletenessEqualityReadership: Graduates, undergraduates and researchers in computer science.