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Escuela De Robinsones Jules Verne

Escuela De Robinsones

Jules Verne

Published 2008
ISBN : 9788446028673
285 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Id never heard of this Verne before I saw it for free on Kindle. I figured Id give it a try since I generally enjoy Verne. It turns out this is somewhat a farce on the Robinson Crusoe and Swiss Family Robinson-type survival stories. Verne even mentions both of those titles and talks about how certain events just dont quite follow the pattern survival stories are supposed to follow.Heres the setting used: Godfrey Morgan is a young man who is engaged to be married but who itches to go explore the world a bit before settling down. His uncle, a financial giant in San Francisco who has recently demonstrated his extravagant wealth by purchasing his own island, is not pleased with this but decides it would be best to get this bug out of Godfreys system before settling down with Phina. So good ol Uncle Will arranges everything for Godfreys round the world cruise, and enlists the resident deportment and dancing instructor, a Mr Tartlett, as Godfreys companion (much to the horror of Mr Tartlett). Just a few days out to sea Godfreys ship runs into a storm, the ship is sinking and the captain commands the ship abandoned. Come the dawn, Godfrey and Tarlett find themselves the lone survivors on an unknown shore. They soon discover themselves to be on an island, and set to trying to be proper Crusoes. They find the whole surviving thing rather more challenging than some of the books portray, but they do make do. Curious events start to happen on the island though, especially the absence of any debris from the wreck or any other survivors, but the appearance of smoke on two different occasions, the sudden appearance of vicious wild beasts after no sightings of such for over 4 months, etc. There are enough clues that many readers will probably figure out where Godfrey is and how these other events could be explained (view spoiler)[(his uncle arranged a fake ship sinking with the captain, and Godfrey was shipwrecked on his uncles island. Certain events are arranged by his uncle to give him the full Crusoe experience) (hide spoiler)]