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Illuminations Earl L. Langguth


Earl L. Langguth

Published November 1st 2006
ISBN : 9781598866230
318 pages
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 About the Book 

It was amazing, simply amazing! As he read to us from Illuminations what he was telling us seemed so real that I felt I was actually watching it happen! Here is the recipe: Take one veteran knowledgeable Bible teacher enable him also to be adept at creating lyric poetry- have Illuminations, the result, read aloud by an expressive reader- process this through hearing into that part of the listeners brains which sees, feels, and visualizes- and it comes alive! Illuminations is New Testament experience in instant form. Just add sound and intention, and enjoy!In the Middle Ages the monk copyists added color, life and meaning to manuscripts by illuminating them. Illuminations does the same thing for us.