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Robin Hood (Disneys Classic Storybook) Walt Disney Company

Robin Hood (Disneys Classic Storybook)

Walt Disney Company

Published August 15th 1997
ISBN : 9781570827563
96 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Like Alice in Wonderland, Robin Hood was introduced to me through the Disney version. And as usual, it was really enjoyable and a lot of fun to read after watching the awesome movie.The story is one everyone knows. Robin Hood steals from the rich and gives it to the poor while trying to escape the clutches of Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham.As far as the setting is concerned, I have to say that the choice of making all the characters of Robin Hood animals is really interesting and leads to a lot of good humor and really funny jokes.For a movie/story for kids, the action is not that bad. Theres sword fighting between Robin, Little John, and the guards. Not to mention that the climax is really incredible. Its really tense, silent and then it switches to fast pace action in just a matter of minutes. Holy Cow. It is awesome.The characters are pretty likable and are really cool. Little John is a large bear that has a couple of funny moments. Robin is your typical hero while Maid Marian is a typical maiden. (theres nothing that interesting about them, hence them being typical and the four-star rating) The other side characters are pretty likable.The villain Prince John is really funny and is more of a comedic villain than an intimidating one. He is also really feminine and acts like a little child at some points. He also has an assistant named Sir Hiss and the arguments between the two of them is just really funny. The Sheriff of Nottingham is also an evil bastard who just takes peoples money from them in the most dirty ways possible. He even steals from a little boy and a blind guy. That is so evil. WHAT. A. JERK.Theres not much else to say. Its a really great story with pretty good action and likable characters with hilarious villains. The movie is even better!!!!!!!