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Vengeance is Mine Gary Walker

Vengeance is Mine

Gary Walker

Published August 18th 2013
Kindle Edition
328 pages
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 About the Book 

How far is too far when it comes to revenge? In Gary Wayne Walkers debut thriller, Vengence Is Mine, the answer slowly unravels as families are torn apart and alliances are made. The year is 1949, and Los Angeles is the playground on which Mickey Cohen and his mob have chosen to play.Prominent divorce attorney Everett Taylor takes on his first murder trial despite his wifes impassioned pleas to the contrary and is immediately plunged into an underworld from which there is no escape. The case, in which a woman shot and killed her husband upon discovering him in bed with his lover,quickly throws Taylors life into turmoil, bringing him toe to toe with Cohens mob while drudging up his own dark past in St. Louis with his first wife. Crippled by polio as a small child, Taylor is now faced with other health issues, mental and physical, along with an increasing tumultuous relationship with his family, including a daughter left behind in St. Louis.This is a story where loyalty is tested and no one is as they seem. Most importantly, it reveals how the desire for vengeance can ruin the vengeful while inflicting unimaginable collateral damage on innocent bustanders.If youre searching for mystery and intrigue and enjoy fast-paced thrill rides, then buckle up and enter Gary Wayne Walkers world of Vengeance. His storytelling prowess will captivate your imagination and have you sweating bullets right along with his fascinating cast of characters.--Armen Bacon, author of Griefland-- An Intimate Portrait of Love, Loss and Unlikely Friendship.Gary Wayne Walker weaves his characters with intricate precision through a meticulously crafted plot. This suspenseful page-turner will leave readerw eager for a sequel.-- Janice Stevens, Writing Professor and author of nine California history books.