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Spooked Halloween: Childrens Mystery Series by Rome


Halloween: Childrens Mystery Series by Rome

Published June 12th 2011
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Someone or something is stopping the people of Draker Township from celebrating Halloween every October 31st. For five years, the ban on Halloween had caused the townspeople to simply forget that Halloween even existed and while the rest of the United States celebrated the event with fun and fervor, Draker Township surrendered to the mysterious force that plagued them from even talking about Halloween. In comes the ambitious Town Mayor, Robert Gentry, who lifts the ban on Halloween. He has the hopes of creating a Halloween theme park and a haunted house to increase more money to their town. But then terrible things start springing up from all corners of the town. The sight of pig’s blood splashed on their doors and the threat from the pick axes thrown on their front door as well as other malicious acts, causes panic and concern in the hearts of the people that perhaps the ban on Halloween should just continue.But a Halloween ban does not sit well for three young boys who are determined to put an end to the threats that are rising against the townspeople. Eager to take on as the three young sleuths of their town, Joey, Juan and Alex work to resolve the mysterious occurrences that are destroying the peace of their town and to ensure that the spirit of Halloween continues in their township as it does all across the United States on October 31st each year.