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Ink on Dreams of Transient Architecture Patrick Elkins

Ink on Dreams of Transient Architecture

Patrick Elkins

Published 2007
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Drawing from a wide variety of experiences resulting from his frequent travels in and around the United States, musician, puppeteer and performance artist Patrick Elkins presents an engaging novel about public transportation and its relationship to impressions of air, friends and (most importantly) flying insects.In Ink on Dreams of Transient Architecture, a seemingly insignificant injury coupled with a troubling writing assignment leads an unnamed protagonist to attempt to produce a meditation on the importance of minor details and their place in the formation of long-term memory processes and recurring dreams. Tellingly, it is these same details (along with the central characters absurd fascinations with ornothology, paranormal research and the human circulatory system) which serve as obstacles to the completion of the task. It is then up to the warrior to navigate his way through a strange examination of travel, time and consciousness in an effort to make peace with the process of storing and recalling information.Patrick Elkins was born in Grand Rapids, MI in 1976. He attended Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo before moving to Ypsilanti to study creative and technical writing at Eastern Michigan University. A popular musician known for both the wild experimentation of his early solo albums as well as his knack for writing concise pop songs, Patricks work has been informed by his experience playing in a widely diverse group of bands ranging from noise-folk legends Hot Meat for Young Lovers to the Sonshine Band, an old-time country outfit lead by his grandparents. Recently, he has received attention for his humorous puppet shows and outrageous performance pieces. As a writer, his work has appeared in Display Magazine, Gravity Presses, Cloudrag, The Independent Media Center, and the Ypsi Mix (the official newsletter of the Ypsilanti Food Cooperative). Ink on Dreams of Transient Architecture is his first novel.